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Strong public healthcare, education, emergency, transportation and social services are the backbone of a healthy and thriving society.

The Green Party of Alberta would not only defend our public services but also strengthen them to provide all Albertans with the services they need.

Close gaps in our public system by covering mental healthcare, physiotherapy, prescription drugs, dentistry, vision, and other essential medical care.

Albertans across the political spectrum understand that our public healthcare system, while imperfect, is stronger than private systems. The evidence is clear that public systems deliver better outcomes while saving money and resources. Yet our system remains partially private. Albertans or their employers continue to buy medical insurance and make out-of-pocket payments for various essential medical treatments. Many Albertans forego necessary care because they are uninsured and can’t afford it. The Green Party would introduce comprehensive public healthcare by covering mental healthcare, physiotherapy, prescription drugs, dentistry, vision, and other essential medical care under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

We don’t need to tell you that glasses aren’t optional, teeth aren’t optional, and mental health is not optional so let’s include all these things and more under our public system. This change would make our system more equitable for women, minorities, Indigenous people and those with low incomes, who are especially likely to fall through the cracks, while improving overall public health and conserving resources and funds spent on emergency and acute care.

The Green Party of Alberta will:

  • Work with unions to support healthcare workers
    • Ensure healthcare workers are are properly compensated, treated, and supported for their hard work
    • Establish a comprehensive treatment program prioritizing the mental health of first responders and hospital staff
  • Hire more staff to deliver better care on time
    • Launch a hiring blitz for qualified healthcare workers and mandate minimum staffing ratios
    • Hire more triage nurses and physicians to free up paramedics and end the emergency care backlog
    • Increase staffing in rural areas, including incentives to relocate and remain in underserved areas
  • Cover mental healthcare for Albertans
    • End paying out-of-pocket for essential mental healthcare by covering it under AHCIP
    • Move on from cost-inflating private delivery