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Public Transportation

A strong and efficient transportation system is necessary to connect the urban and rural population of our province. Public transit is also a climate solution.

The Green Party of Alberta will:

  • Establish a Public Transportation Agency
    • Develop and create a Public Transportation Agency to plan, build, and coordinate a comprehensive public transportation system in Alberta, including a publicly owned and operated rural and inter-urban rail and bus system
  • Improve service, safety, and eliminate fares for municipal public transit
    • Prioritize funding municipal public transit with a view to increasing service frequency, extending service coverage, and improving transit infrastructure, with revenues from fares replaced by provincial funding
    • Promote public transit ridership to reduce emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion, and vehicle noise, as well as cost to individuals and government
    • Sharply increase provincial funding for de-escalation professionals to help with safety, especially in off-peak hours
  • Connect Edmonton and Calgary with high speed rail
    • Invest in building a existing, proven technology which can move people and goods much faster than cars or trucks between Alberta's two largest cities