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Inflation and Affordability

Alberta is an immensely wealthy province, but the majority of Albertans are not receiving their fair share.

The Green Party of Alberta is committed to eliminating poverty and strengthening our economy by holding profiteers accountable and providing unconditional financial support for all Albertans, including students, families, seniors, and small business owners.

The Green Party of Alberta will:

  • Eradicate poverty through a Universal Basic Income (UBI)
    • Use our many resources as a wealth province to lift Albertans out of poverty through a basic income sufficient to cover basic needs
    • Reduce the major expense of poverty, estimated $9.5-billion annual before factoring in government-funded payments and services
    • Alleviate a major factor in crime by alleviating poverty, following the example of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) which contributed to a reduction in crime during its period of payment
    • Give Albertans freedom to start a business, make art, and pursue a different career without worrying about their income
    • Head off cycles of boom and bust and technological changes like artificial intelligence, and external shocks like climate change or COVID-19
  • Protect our pensions
    • Oppose the UCP's plans to pull out of the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP)
    • Supplement low CPP and AISH payments and create financial stability for Albertans with our UBI program
  • Support for families
    • Fully implement the federal $10-a-day child care program, and provide supplementary funding the eliminate extra fees, improve quality of care, and fairly compensate workers
    • Fund culturally appropriate, community-led child care with service in Indigenous languages in addition to English and French
  • Assistance for seniors
    • Expand publicly-funded long-term care homes, creating a robust alternative to the private long-term care industry
    • Support at-home care programs, currently minimal and underfunded, so seniors have the freedom to choose their living situation and stay in their homes
  • Empower Albertans with disabilities
    • Along with our UBI program, create a reformed, streamlined, and inflation-indexed Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program
  • Optimize the food system
    • Hold grocery corporations accountable with an excess profits cap
    • Implement legislation to eliminate preventable food waste, ending the travesty of approximately 40% of food produced in Alberta going to waste
    • Prohibit companies from throwing out perfectly good food, requiring them to sell at a reduced price or sell to local food banks
  • Address rising energy costs
    • Follow recent US and EU examples to tax electricity and gas companies for excess profits, sending a portion to low income families struggling to pay energy bills
    • Additional profit can go into energy efficiency program to help home owners improve insulation, windows, and appliances, and lower their energy costs