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Jobs and Economy

We must move past our turbulent economy based on fossil fuels to create sustainable and secure job opportunities for Albertans.

The Green Party of Alberta would introduce guaranteed job programs to wipe out unemployment, tackle climate change and address environmental degradation.

If you are willing and able to work, there should always be a job for you. The government has the means to create jobs where they are needed when the private sector cannot, even guarantee employment for those who lose their job and cannot find another one.

The Green Party of Alberta will:

  • Collaborate with unions to create good public sector jobs
    • Protect and expand the right to form a union
    • Improve working conditions and stimulate job growth
    • Advance social and economic justice
  • Treat climate action as job action
    • Make green jobs the future of Alberta's economy by transitioning away from fossil fuels
    • Retrain workers leaving the oil ans gas industry while protecting pensions, benefits, and wages
  • Launch the reclamation job boom
    • Reclaim the over 300,000 orphaned wells in Alberta, creating an estimated 10,000 jobs per year
    • Sharply increase mandatory payments by polluters into the Orphan Well Fund
    • Mitigate the environmental damage caused by abandoned wells
  • Cut taxes for small business in half to 1%
    • Raise the small business threshold from $500,000 to $700,000
    • Help small businesses compete with large corporations
    • Help small businesses with operational and startup costs, and support this vital backbone of Alberta's economy
  • Found the Alberta Resilience Corps (ARC) to end unemployment
    • Institute a new government-funded program modeled after the American Civilian Conservation Corps
    • Hire Albertans to work in disaster, conservation, and reclamation management
    • Providing meaningful employment across Alberta, particularly for Indigenous people, those leaving the fossil fuel industry, and rural Albertans
    • Address a backlog of work the private sector is unable to solve and promote community well-being
  • Raise taxes on large corporations from 8% to 12%
    • Ensure large corporations pay their fair share to the people of Alberta
    • Build a more level playing field between small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and larger corporations
    • Diversify the economy and promote innovation