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Contact your GPA

Thank you for your interest in the Green Party of Alberta.

You can reach the new EC by emailing:

[email protected]

Voicemail, phone / VoIP and text messaging:

Best practices would find meeting availability for contact through email initially, and RSVP. For accessibility we respond here too, generally:

(587) 419-6688

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  • Dorothy Kroeker
    followed this page 2024-03-07 10:40:01 -0700
  • Manon Aubry
    commented 2023-05-28 13:47:25 -0600
    Being faced with horrible wild fires I can see how the Green Party would appeal to conscientious people. The Green Party is probably in for record breaking votes. This is why I am worried about vote splitting. As well as you might do in this (way too) close election the truth is that any vote for anyone other than the NDP is a vote for the UCP.Excuse my bluntness but I don’t believe any GP candidate has a chance of winning in this election. The best strategic move would be to withdraw candidates and tell people that they are throwing their support to the NDP. We can’t afford another UCP government. If you’re playing the long game- I’m sure that your sacrifice this election will be remembered and appreciated and it will result in increased support ( and respect)from undecided voters in the next election.
  • Sherry Biglin
    commented 2023-05-24 21:36:52 -0600
    Hi Jordan
    Would like you to know that I went to vote for the Green Party today.
    When handed the ballot I was disappointed that there was not a candidate, for the Green Party, running in my area. I live in Calgary northwest (Tuscany).
    I had to decline the ballot. So disappointed to not be able to cast a vote for the party of my choice.
    Hopefully the Green Party can have more candidates next time there is an election.
    Good luck in this election.
    Sherry Biglin
  • Jordan Wilkie
    published this page in Media Releases and Statements 2023-03-15 14:06:19 -0600