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Our Party is powered by supporters like you

Do you live in Alberta and value the Six Green Principles of Justice, Respect for Diversity, Ecological Wisdom, Sustainability, Participatory Democracy and Non-Violence? Then please click the become a member box when you make your donation today!

GPA membership allows you to:

  • Develop and vote on party policy.
  • Vote in party elections for executive council and party leadership.
  • Keep informed about party activities and events.
  • Our membership is "donate what you can" to allow Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents 14 years and older to get involved with the GPA.

Clicking on the monthly donation button is a huge help and will allow us to budget better for the next election!

Remember that you will get up to 75% of your donation back as a tax credit.  

Also, we know some youth are new to politics and might want to get involved without donating. If you are under 30 years old and wish to apply for free membership please email us today at [email protected]