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The Green Party of Alberta is run entirely by volunteers. Members can join any committee, subcommittee, or ad hoc committee, and run in the internal elections to become an Executive Council member. Members with specialized knowledge can apply to become a Shadow Cabinet member.  


Party Structure 

Executive Council

President, Vice President, CFO, Secretary, and up to 6 Members-at-Large

Executive Council members meet every two weeks to vote on governance motions, move GPA activities forward, implement the strategic plan and oversee the budget, and ensure compliance with Elections Alberta law. 


Standing Committees 

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Election Readiness Subcommittee

Communications Committee

Policy Committee

  • Environment and Economy Subcommittee
  • Social Justice Subcommittee

IT Committee

Fundraising and Membership Committee

  • Events Subcommittee

Indigenous Advisory Committee 

Young Greens Committee

Constituency Association (CA) Development Committee 

Committee chairs and subcommittee chairs set up regular monthly meetings with their teams to work on strategic projects like policy development, website and mass email maintenance, internal and external communications and much more. 


Ad Hoc Committees 

Conflict Resolution Committee 

Contest Committee 


Shadow Cabinet 

Actively recruiting for Shadow Cabinet critics who want to assist in policy and platform development in Advanced Education, Children’s Services, Culture and Status of Women, Infrastructure, Justice and Solicitor General, Labour and Immigration, Municipal Affairs, Public Service Commission, Transportation, and Treasury Board and Finance.

Will you volunteer?