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Become a Member

Membership with the Green Party of Alberta sends a message to the government and citizens of Alberta that you are committed to the values of the party and to creating change in this province.

GPA membership allow you to:

  • Develop and vote on party policy
  • Vote in party elections for executive council and party leadership
  • Keep informed about party activities and events

Many members also choose to make monthly donations to ensure the party has steady resources in order to continue building and advocating on behalf of members.

Regular memberships are $10, three year memberships are $25, and youth (under 30 years of age) memberships are free.

Who's joining
Amira Loo
Amira Loo
Daylen Towers
Jeffrey Swanson
Anuman Melrose
Bonnie Nicolai
Simon Savinel
Aidan Blum
Aidan Blum
Aidan Blum
Amanda McMullin
Gurvinder pal Singh
Gurvinder pal Singh
Michael McCullough
Jonathan Parks