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Latest News and Issues

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Visit and Apology of Pope Francis

July 10, 2022

Pope Francis is on his way to Alberta and is expected to deliver an apology for the Roman Catholic Church’s deplorable role in Canada’s residential schools.  Jordan Wilkie, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta will also be travelling to the First Nations of...

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Making Democracy Accessible

Each of our candidates will need $500 to run in the next election. Help us make politics accessible for everyday Albertans. We need your help to "sponsor" a future candidate today! We take pride in being a grassroots political party. Help us kick off our fundraising to get candidate 2/87 on the ballot. 


Deputy Leader Brandy Kinkead studied chemistry at both the University of Manitoba and Simon Fraser University before moving to Calgary, AB to work with the Canadian Excellence Research Chair in Materials Engineering in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary.

She has since founded her own company in green energy and worked with multiple start-ups in Alberta to advance their technologies. Kinkead sees the importance and value of all Albertans in transitioning our economy, with a strong focus on the transfer of skills to new industries.

A scientist by training, Brandy has dedicated her career to developing electrochemical technologies, and training Canada’s next generation of scientists. She resides in Calgary - Edgemont with her partner and two young children, where she operates her company in nanotechnology and energy storage component development.

Kinkead is a passionate advocate for manufacturing in Alberta – an Alberta that is powered by green energy, makes its own products, and employs its skilled labor force effectively.


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November 06, 2022

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Tigra-Lee Campbell for Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright

November 06, 2022

Tigra-Lee Campbell (She/They) is a Jamaican/Indigenous mother and activist. Tigra-Lee was born in Edmonton and has called Lloydminster home since 2015. Her work, personal life and volunteer endeavors are focused on community development through fostering opportunities, relationships and collaboration. Tigra-Lee is an advocate for...

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