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Saving for the Future

In an economic boom, companies must pay back their loans to Alberta, boost employment through enforced reclamation, pay their taxes and fill the Heritage Fund. Resource royalties belong to the citizens of Alberta and the use of that money must reflect the needs of the people - not a re-election agenda. The GPA will address the unfair cost of living and create more accountability to ensure that our wealth benefits the many - not a select few.

Government mismanagement of taxpayer dollars is costing Alberta's the future they deserve. The GPA will address the growing cost of living by taking back control of our resources with an update to Peter Lougheed’s principles: 


Replace the Alberta Energy Regulator:

The privately incorporated Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) must be replaced with review boards working in the public interest and separate from the industries they are regulating.

The AER was created by the previous Progressive Conservative government in 2013 as a regulatory body responsible for overseeing oil and gas development in the province. However, the AER is too closely aligned with the oil and gas industry. This has created a conflict of interests that results in protection of the industry over the people of Alberta. 

The GPA is proposing to replace the AER with independent review boards that would be responsible for regulating the industry and ensuring that it is operating in the public interest. By separating the regulatory function from the industry, the GPA aims for proper enforcement of regulations and an increase in transparency and accountability.

Eliminate RSTAR:

With the elimination of RSTAR (now known as Liability Management Incentive Program), the enforcement of the polluter pay law and the implementation of stronger regulations, we believe that we can strike the right balance between responsible resource development and environmental protection. This is critical for ensuring a sustainable future for Alberta.


If Alberta met royalty targets in place when Peter Lougheed was Premier, the province would have $1 TRILLION in our Heritage Fund by 2039. Our wealth goes to international shareholders and tax-payers now hold over $260 BILLION in clean up costs.

Raise royalties in-line with Lougheed’s Vision:

Under Peter Lougheed, Alberta collected higher royalty rates on resource development, which helped to build the Heritage Fund. The GPA is proposing to raise royalty rates in line with Lougheed's vision, which would result in more revenue for the province.

Introduce an “excess profit cap” - to stop corporate profiteering: 

The GPA is proposing to introduce an "excess profit cap" on resource development projects. This would ensure that companies are not making excessive profits at the expense of Albertans.

The GPA is committed to ensuring that the benefits of resource development are distributed fairly and that all Albertans have access to a decent standard of living. This includes the eradication of poverty and the introduction of back-to-work incentives like basic income.


Re-start Heritage Fund Payments to be put Toward Economic Diversification: 

The Heritage Fund was created in the 1970s as a way to save resource revenues for future generations. However, the fund has not been used effectively in recent years, and the current government has been criticized for raiding the fund to pay for current expenses.

The GPA is proposing to restart Heritage Fund payments and to use the funds to support economic diversification in the province. The interest alone would create a legacy of wellbeing for Albertans 

Create political safeguards to ensure the Heritage Fund is used for public services that benefit the people directly starting with the needs outlined in our Strong Public Services and Safe and Secure Community priorities.

The GPA believes that the Heritage Fund should be used to benefit Albertans directly. To ensure that the funds are used effectively, the party is proposing to introduce political safeguards that would prevent the government from using the funds for other purposes.


After boom comes Bust

Invest in Workers:

Alberta's economy has always been closely tied to the energy industry, and the boom and bust cycles of the industry have had a significant impact on the province's workers. The GPA believes that the government should invest in workers during the boom times to prepare them for the bust.

The government should create government-funded programs to ensure that workers in the energy sector have the necessary skills, pensions, and seniority transfer options to transition to other industries when the boom times end. This will help to ensure that workers are not left out in the cold when the energy sector experiences a downturn.

Cleanup is Transition:

The GPA also believes that the transition away from fossil fuels should include a focus on cleaning up the mess that has been left behind by the oil and gas industry. The cleanup of oil and gas wells, pipelines, and other infrastructure is an important step in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Decades of full-employment, without comparatively negligible capital, retraining, or relocation costs. This means unemployed riggers and idle equipment can be put to work locally everywhere for cleanup. The GPA proposes to create government-funded programs to put unemployed riggers and idle equipment to work cleaning up the legacy infrastructure left behind by the energy industry.


Greens are Watchdogs:

The GPA believes that competent and accountable governance is critical to ensuring that the government is working in the best interests of the people of Alberta. One way to achieve this is through third-party oversight.

The GPA believes that industry should not be allowed to regulate itself. It is important that the government has a strong regulatory framework in place to ensure that industry is operating in a safe and responsible manner.

Disasters and emergencies are already increasing due to climate instability. The Greens will ensure the best interests of the people of Alberta are met during times of crisis. This means that the government must prioritize the safety and well-being of Albertans over partisan agenda.


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