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Focus on Electoral Reform

Why is the Green Party of Alberta focusing on Electoral Reform in the 2023 Alberta Election?

Time to Focus on the Root of the Problem Instead of Fighting Each Other 

The combative and hyper-partisan toxicity of our politics today is the product of our electoral system. The winner takes all "first past the post" system is directly responsible for the failure of our representatives to collaborate in the legislature for the people of this province. As we approach the next provincial election you will continue to witness how "first past the post" pits politicians and all of Alberta against one another.

Thankfully a different system exists and people are calling for it now more than ever. That system is called "proportional representation" 
where the percentage of votes = the percentage of seats in the legislature. It is a more democratic system. A system that existed in Alberta for over 30 years before being dismantled for the purpose of political greed, as "first past the post" allows parties in power to keep their power and take total control of the decision-making process. 

Under our non-proportional voting system, a massive amount of voters don’t elect anyone to represent them. Their votes are “wasted” as can be seen in the following graphs published by Fair Vote Canada. This causes disenfranchisement and people vote to block other parties out of fear, instead of voting for their values. 

Electoral Reform is the Focus of Alberta Greens in the Next Election 

Every poll and pundit has emphasized that through "first past the post" we will end up with ANOTHER majority UCP government with 100% of decision-making power and ANOTHER powerless NDP opposition party incapable of making any impact on the future of our province.

It is strategic voting under the majoritarian "first past the post" system that got us where we are.
It is proportional representation that will get us out... 

Our promise is simple

  1. Vote for us to legislate proportional representation. 
  2. We will work with all elected officials to legislate a system of proportional representation*
  3. Once implemented, we will call an election under the new system. Then we can all vote for what we truly want and not against what we want less. 

How to Get Involved

  1. Run as a candidate 

  2. Volunteer

  3. Donate and Support 



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