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Steven Maffioli


Steven Maffioli (he/him) was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia on Ktunaxa territory (the Elk Valley), and has been a long-time supporter of the Greens. Growing up skiing, fishing, and hiking with his family, Steven developed an affinity for nature and Canada's rare wildlife, creating in him a passion for protecting animals and our environment. At 20 he left BC and moved to Calgary, attending bartending school and quickly falling in love with the city.

Steven is a staunch animal rights advocate and vegan, coming from a family with a small farm that temporarily fosters shelter animals. He is passionate about creating a sustainable and equitable Alberta for all, with good leadership that works across party lines to build bridges and not walls. A keen supporter of ranked ballots and proportional representation, Steven is dedicated to building a consensus across partisan divides to reform the voting system for Albertans.

In his spare time Steven is dedicated to his community, always striving to support and improve Calgary-Glenmore through volunteering, particularly with seniors. He is an avid reader and enjoys the literary works of writers such as bell hooks, Marianne Williamson, and Winona LaDuke, and has been inspired by the Indigenous struggles for land recognition in Alberta and abroad.

It is Steven's firm belief that it takes a community to make change and that only love can cast out hate. Steven would be honoured to represent the community of Calgary-Glenmore and their interests in the Legislature.


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