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Strong Public Services

Strong public healthcare, education, emergency, transportation and social services are the backbone to a healthy and functional society. The GPA will ensure our public services are not only protected but reinforced to provide all Albertans with the services they deserve and depend on.

“We will not turn our backs on the public infrastructure and services that Albertans built over generations.” - Jordan 



“It is time to stop the bleeding and reinforce the public healthcare system Albertans depend on.”


1) Introduce Comprehensive Health Care to our Universal System by Including:

Universal Mental Health Care



Dental Care

Optical Services

Hearing Services

2) It is time to immediately collaborate with unions to ensure healthcare workers are properly valued and supported. 

Frontline workers are overworked and underpaid.

3) Implementation of a full-scale mental health program prioritizing paramedics and hospital staff

We understand that frontline staff are in a mental health crisis and not getting the help they desperately need to care for Albertans. A comprehensive mental health program for frontline workers will alleviate the burnout crisis and bring healthy caregivers back to their positions.

4) Launch of a full-scale hiring initiative 

Solving unacceptable wait times means we fund emergency rooms with a focus on more hands torecieve patient transfer of care from our ambulances to hospital beds. 

5) Increase hospital capacity and function in line with our ability to staff our infrastructure.

This ensures that rural hospitals are not left behind and are incentivized to attract sufficient staffing. We understand that hospital beds without caregivers are of no use to Albertans.


This includes a streamline of funding to our public system for our children and the support students deserve at every level.   


1) Provide Free Undergraduate Post-Secondary Education to all Citizens and Permanent Residents.

2) Basic income for Canadian students over the age of 18.

3) Funding for a qualified teacher and educational assistant for every twenty students.

4) Work with teacher unions to increase wages for our hard working educational staff. 

5) Establish a non-Eurocentric school curriculum from a diverse group of educational professionals.

6) Eliminate public funding for elite private schools.

7) Merge school boards into the public school system.


A strong and efficient transportation system is necessary to connect the urban and rural population of our province. 


1) Establish a Public Transportation Agency responsible for coordinating the delivery of Inter-urban and rural public transportation within the Province of Alberta.

This public service would finally connect Albertans with safe, accessible, sustainable and dependable transit.

This would include a publicly funded provincial bus system and an efficient passenger rail service.

2) Increase funding to municipalities in order to expand, improve, and eliminate fare costs for municipal public transit services.

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