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Serving the Community

Jordan was born in Edmonton and comes from a long line of farmers and teachers. The son of an Edmonton Oiler and the grandson of aviation pioneer Max Ward; he is currently serving in his fifteenth year as a firefighter, spending five years also with the Canadian Red Cross. Jordan has put his life on the line to help others and enters politics with the same intention and determination.

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March 28th, 2020

On March 28th, 2020, he was elected leader and has volunteered his time every day since to ensure the GPA is revitalized as a professional option for Albertans that want to see a third party bring accountability and respect back to Albertan politics.

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Pledge your support for Jordan’s campaign in the next election. Jordan will contact you about your pledge when the election is called in 2023.

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Holding a degree in Philosophy and a masters in Disaster Emergency Management; Jordan has worked alongside international organizations and indigenous leaders abroad during ecological disasters, while also collaborating with local municipalities to adapt their policy and infrastructure in response to the growing climate emergency. Using his background and experience, he has spent years hosting workshops and gatherings to make communities safer, more resilient and interconnected. Now he needs your support as he runs in the 2023 Alberta Election and hopes to make history as the first Green MLA in Alberta history!

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“I will not stand by and allow my son to inherit a province that squandered its wealth, strangled its education & healthcare systems and devastated the environment. The Green Party of Alberta is poised to win ridings in the next election in order to represent a new age for Alberta."

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Doing Politics Differently

A true strategic vote means choosing someone that will represent your values and the needs of your community, not some party agenda and ideology. The establishment parties think they are entitled to take turns in power. Only third-party representation can change this. The Green Party of Alberta is the only party that does not and will not whip votes (the practice of forcing all elected officials to follow party agenda and vote the same way). When you vote Green, you vote for true representation of the needs of your constituency. Instead of a party yes-person, you get a powerful voice in the Alberta Legislature.

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