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Lucas Bevan

Seniors and Housing Critic, Community and Social Services Critic

Born in Lethbridge and living in Sherwood Park, Lucas is a curriculum developer for a local association working with disabled members in the community. Lucas takes a participatory approach to his program designs to create an inclusive and empowering environment for some of Alberta’s most vulnerable individuals.

His passion for helping under-represented populations started early as a caregiver for his grandmother suffering from early-onset dementia. Lucas observed the unacceptable disconnect between the government’s understanding of the various challenges vulnerable people face and the need for our senior population to access the support and programs they deserve.

As both Seniors & Housing, and Community & Social Services Critic, Lucas aims to address unnecessary suffering in our communities by bringing awareness to the under-represented and under-supported. His priority is to encourage improved policies from the current governments, as well as his role to advocate needed policy for the GPA’s 2023 election platform.

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