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Robert Gooding-Townsend


Robert is from a family with deep generational roots from across Canada, and lived all around the country before settling in Edmonton. He has a Masters in Ecological Modelling from the University of Waterloo and understands first hand the huge risks that come from continued reliance on fossil fuels. From his career in energy and technology, he knows the opportunities which come from a green transition.

Robert's step into politics are inspired by those of his grandmothers, one of whom served on a town council and was given the job of setting urban tree policy, a position oftentimes overlooked but in the long-term important to the health and look of a community. Another established a daycare at Northwest Polytechnic, so parents of young children would have more time and opportunity to advance their education.

Robert is thrilled to be working with the Alberta Greens in Edmonton-Strathcona so he can similarly build the future for his community.


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