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Robin George


Robin George (he/him) is a fourth generation Canadian born and raised in Treaty 6 (Edmonton, Alberta). Growing up, he was deeply fascinated by mythological literature and how stories shape our societies, our beliefs and morals. This led him to study Political Sciences and Philosophy while attending the University of Alberta, earning his BA in 2003.

But PoliSci and Philosophy is a strange and non-linear career path, and Robin ultimately wound up in the exciting world of sales, entrepreneurship and project management, earning his Project Management Certificate from NAIT in 2012, and his ACG and ALS through Toastmasters in that same year.

Working with his brother and other community minded friends, he dived into the world of Arts & Event Production, helping with festivals like Astral Harvest, Intention AB, Winterlight and the Flying Canoe, using Art and Community Activation to help bring people together in social settings.

Realizing the power of community events and the strong human need for people to belong to something, he has worked within the Edmonton Community to provide people places to gather, achieving a degree of recognition for a community house known as the Zen Den that regularly hosted parties and potlucks in the Belgravia neighborhood, where he lived for 12 years.

Professionally Robin has worked a variety of jobs, such as a Corporate Salesman in the photocopier industry, a Sales Admin and Project Coordinator for a Landscaping company, Insurance Salesperson for a national brokerage, and an Art & Theatre Technician for a lighting company. He now runs his own Project Management Consultant firm called Illuminating Paths Project Management, where he helps entrepreneurs and small businesses manage complex improvements or changes within their business.

Robin George is excited to introduce himself and the new Alberta Greens to the residents of Edmonton-Riverview.



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