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Tyler Beaulac

Edmonton-North West

Tyler Beaulac (he/they) is a Métis Canadian and activist raised on the Alberta prairies. A lifelong love of learning drove him to take an interest in everything from space exploration to culture and history, earning him a BA with a Double Major in Psychology and English from the University of Alberta.

Tyler has been an ardent supporter of Climate Change Reform and Basic Income. He strongly believes we need to raise awareness of water scarcity, and that we need to be thinking about water efficiency and making real changes to adapt our infrastructure to face on-going environmental changes. That means investments in the agricultural sector to make it more climate resilient and water efficient, particularly as it uses a massive amount of domestic water. At the community level, Tyler believes in investing in greater disability supports, such as AISH, healthcare, long-term care, education, harm reduction addiction support, safe supply, overdose prevention and housing. He hopes to forward the causes of economic, disability, racial and climate justice.

Tyler is currently attending the Jurs Doctor program at the University of Alberta, with a current focus on repealing the Indian Act and human rights reforms to portions of the justice system. His long-term goal is mediating treaties and Civil Law. In his spare time Tyler enjoys gaming, streaming, writing, and singing.


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