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  • Justine Leblond
    followed this page 2023-11-22 08:38:48 -0700
  • Alan Heffez
    commented 2023-08-02 09:43:53 -0600
    Regan Boychuk,

    I just completed Parts 1 – 5 of your superbly documented “Rockefeller Coup” series and was particularly intrigued by the following statements that appeared in Part 3:

    “There is a direct connection between the occupation of Iraq and the sub-prime mortgage predation that soon after ravaged America: It was all part of the Rockefellers’ ultimate scheme being realized in Alberta.”

    You later tease out this intriguing statement with the following:

    “As late as 2003, Alberta’s proven bitumen reserves still stood at only 3 billion barrels. The day US Marines pulled down that statue in Baghdad, the US Energy Secretary informed Alberta it now had an extra 175 billion barrels of proven oil reserves in Fort McMurray. Six months later, the recommendations of a 1998 Alberta oil & gas taskforce became National Instrument 51-101: Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities in September 2003. NI 51-101 is a hoax that allows reserves to be used as legal collateral by licensees, regardless of cleanup costs, ability to develop, or profitability. In less than a year, the FBI was reporting an epidemic of mortgage fraud by lenders. The Con also details the mortgage foreclosure fraud that cheated tens of millions of Americans, and at that same moment, the Rockefellers pulled the trigger on a little-known (to put it mildly) clause of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act that allowed them to take the final step to domestic monarchy: The illegal use of FRA 13(3) in 2009 took the Rockefellers from printing new money using other peoples’ oil as collateral to simply printing $29 trillion straight from the US Federal Reserve and handing it to Wall Street. These are the main sources of global financial instability/imbalance and the seemingly endless supply of bad loans for oil & gas & bitumen Ponzi’s in North America.”

    The suggestion appears to be that the “hoax that allows reserves to be used as legal collateral by licensees, regardless of cleanup costs, ability to develop, or profitability” was the model for the sub-prime mortgages and derivatives offers launched into the market in the early 2000s, the trading of which led to the 2008 financial collapse.

    How these models tie in to the “occupation of Iraq” is not made sufficiently clear to me, either in the text or in the notes. Would it be possible to explain this connection in layman terms or refer me to a document that clearly explains the connection between the “hoax contained in NI51-101,” the “sub-prime mortgage” debacle and the “occupation of Iraq”?

    Thank you for writing these excellent essays and for your continued assistance in this matter,

  • Adam Volk
    commented 2023-07-09 18:38:09 -0600
    Hey man! Great to see you’re still fighting the good fight! Hope you’re doing well!
  • Tom Saunders
    commented 2023-05-22 10:13:50 -0600
    Hi Regan

    Im writing to you as I am very disappointed in your recruiting posters. Whoever was putting up posters for you in Canmore has put up 3 posters on our poster board window. They did not ask us and the posters go inside the cabinet not on the plastic cover. To make matters even worse they were using sticky foam which we cannot get off the plastic with ease. For someone advocating for ‘Green’. Sticky foam tape is not very environmental. Please send some to clean up the mess.


  • Peter Duck
    commented 2023-05-12 00:36:19 -0600
    We have not yet received your response to our question below. Responses from you and other candidates will be shared with our followers one week prior to election day. We hope to have your thoughts at that time.




    Bow Valley Naturalists
  • Leslie Cameron
    commented 2023-05-08 15:32:17 -0600
    Regan Boychuk


    8 May 2023

    Dear Regan Boychuk,

    I’m writing to you today as the Women’s Declaration International (WDI) Coord for our great province, Alberta. WDI is a group of volunteer women from across the globe dedicated to protecting women’s sex-based rights. Our volunteers include academics, writers, sport innovators, activists, and health practitioners, and aim to represent the total breadth of the human female experience. You can read the 9 Articles of the Declaration here.

    WDI launched in March 2019, with the WDI Canada and Alberta Chapters soon following in 2020. WDI has over 35,000 signatories from 160 countries and reaffirms women and girls’ sex-based rights, and challenges the discrimination we experience from the replacement of the category of sex with that of ‘gender identity’.

    In the spirit of the upcoming Provincial General Election on 29 May, we at WDI Alberta would like to respectfully ask one multiple choice question:

    Question: What is a woman?

    Please respond with your best answer to [email protected]


    Anyone who identifies as a woman.


    An adult human female.


    Not sure or prefer not to answer.

    Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing back from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Leslie Cameron, WDI Alberta Coord

    [email protected]
  • Peter Duck
    commented 2023-05-02 11:49:00 -0600
    Hi Regan,

    Bow Valley Naturalists ( is contacting the Banff-Kananaskis candidates hoping to get an answer to this question that we can share with our members before election day.

    “Looking forward, what do you think are the most important ecosystem protection and management issues in the Banff-Kananaskis Riding over the next 4 years and how would you address them?

    Any response you can provide at your earliest convenience would be appreciated.


    Peter Duck

    BVN President
  • Ian O'Donnell
    commented 2023-04-19 15:25:20 -0600
    Hi Regan,

    TCK and BOWDA are planning a candidate forum and would like to connect.

    Could you email me at [email protected].

    Thanks in advance,


  • Chanelle Cluett-Alstad
    commented 2023-04-12 19:58:15 -0600

    I’m emailing as I see that you are running as a candidate for the 2023 Alberta Election. Congratulations on this as I’m sure you know as well as I do, that being in a position of leadership in this province comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of opportunity to support the people in this province.

    I am emailing you to ask you your thoughts and plans on how you plan to support Education in the province of Alberta? I have been a teacher in this province for 7 years. I absolutely love being a teacher and it is the biggest honor of my life to teach my students. I do not take my job for granted or take the responsibility I have lightly. In my 7 years teaching, I have seen the ability to support the educators in the buildings and the student needs decrease drastically.

    In these 7 years, there have been two different political parties in power in this province, and neither of them did enough to support education the way it desperately needs. The list of concerns and damage is lengthy. I have seen incredible educators leave the career and I have seen the remaining educators drowning in the demands of the job. We are asked to do more with less. We are asked to give more of our personal, unpaid time to the job. Many of us do it willingly because we know what it means to the students and their families, but it doesn’t make it right and it isn’t sustainable. During COVID, educators showed up every day for the students. During that time, we were slapped in the face any time someone expressed concern for our own safety or comfort. The exact response from the Premier was “how dare you” when we expressed concern about being the first to transition to no masking. All we needed to hear was “We hear your concerns”. In addition, we had a new curriculum forced upon us that was rushed and not developmentally appropriate. I am tired of spending my own money to stock my own classroom with materials so my students can feel successful. I am tired of the inequality of funding and support between schools across our province and even within the same city. I am tired of sitting in front of students that simply cannot be supported by one single educator in the room, and I am tired of the constant guilt that comes with that lack of support. I am tired of writing supply plans for no one to pick up and my class to be covered by teachers on their unpaid prep or admin who can no longer act as admin. We physically and mentally can’t do anymore, no matter how much our hearts want to. To top off that short list of my many concerns, I am tired of the people in leadership publicly devaluing educators and allowing hate to spread. The profession deserves better. The educators deserve better. The students deserve better. The families deserve better. Education is the future of this province. Change needs to happen.

    Looking forward to hearing your response so I can make a more informed choice come voting time.

    Chanelle Cluett-Alstad
  • Kim Staflund
    commented 2023-04-03 14:26:19 -0600
    Hi again,

    I’ve noticed a lot of UCP nominees and their volunteers out canvassing with printed flyers, door knockers, branded lanyards with accreds attached, and business cards.

    Now is the time for you to do the same. We can help you print what you need to win the race in your riding.

    Give me a call: 403-880-3969. I’ll help you get started.

    Kind regards,

  • Lakefront Graphix Technology
    commented 2023-03-20 14:13:34 -0600
    Dear Candidate:

    Lakefront Graphix is the largest printer of election signs in Ontario and has been proudly serving provincial candidates coast to coast for the past 29 years.We would like the opportunity to serve you in the Alberta’s provincial election.

    Here is our current price list:

    If you would like to request an estimate, please reply to this email with your requirements or contact us at 1-800-324-6015.

    We look forward to working with you!

    Best regards,

    The Lakefront Graphix Team

    2679 Lake Shore Blvd W.

    Etobicoke, ON., M8V 1G6

    Phone: 416-255-7014 / 800-324-6015
  • Kim Staflund
    commented 2023-03-17 10:10:14 -0600
    Hi Regan,

    I imagine you’re increasingly focused on the upcoming spring election. May 29th is not all that far away.

    Mountain View Printing is here to help you with whatever collateral you may need: newsletters, brochures, signage, you name it.

    Do you have time for a phone call this week?

    Kind regards,


    Kim Staflund, Strategic Account Manager

    Mountain View Printing

    3656-60th Avenue S.E. Calgary, AB T2C 2C7

    p: 403.236.8558 | c: 403.880.3969

    [email protected] |
  • Tammy Burke
    commented 2023-02-10 20:25:00 -0700
    Hi Regan,

    I saw you on Real Talk on Feb 9/23. I found you to be so very informed and grounded. I wish you all the best in this years provincial election. Banff and Alberta should be so lucky to have you win a seat in the Leg. I live in Rocky Mtn House, a conservative stronghold. I am the former Mayor of RMH and currently vice chair for the Recycling Council of AB. I have also just been appointed to the Board of Governors for Red Polytechnic. I care a great deal for my community and province. Good luck in your journey,Tammy
  • Abdullah Fiaz
    published this page in Shadow Cabinet contacts 2023-01-28 14:47:23 -0700