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  • Undecided Voter
    commented 2023-05-19 10:39:42 -0600

    Do you support parents having the ultimate authority in raising their children, even if they hold different views than the government on gender identity?

    How will you ensure that Alberta’s healthcare system properly protects children from early medical intervention if they are struggling with gender dysphoria?

    Will you oppose any bill that bans conversion therapy?

    Will you follow the example of other jurisdictions (Finland, Sweden Norway, France, the UK and limit or ban medical transitioning for minors?

    I appreciate how the government provides choices for parents when it comes to educating their children.

    How would you continue to promote this principle?

    Would you support allocation of education funding to a per-capita formula for all public school, independent school, and homeschooled students?

    Will you ensure that parents are informed about the extra-curricular activities that their children are involved in, such as school clubs?

    Do you agree that medical professionals should be able to refuse to participate in procedures they believe will harm their patients?

    Do you think doctors should be able to follow their moral and professional convictions when making recommendations to a patient?

    Will you defend freedom of conscience to help attract more medical professionals to Alberta?

    Who should be involved in medical decisions for minors?

    A female high school student requires parental permission to receive medication like Tylenol, but she does not require parental consent to receive an abortion. Will you commit to amending health care law to ensure that minors require parental notification for such procedures?

    Undergoing an abortion is a life-changing procedure for a young woman. Will you ensure she can benefit from the advice and care of her parents when making that decision?

    Do you think that euthanasia is an appropriate solution to suffering?

    Would you commit to supporting legislation for provincial limits on euthanasia like Quebec has done?

    What kinds of policies would you support to provide an alternative that doesn’t include euthanasia for Albertans who are suffering?

    Thank you for your time to respond to each question thoughtfully,

    Undecided Voter
  • Anatolii Turchyn
    commented 2023-03-23 20:46:05 -0600
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  • Web Developer
    published this page in Shadow Cabinet contacts 2022-03-10 04:09:59 -0700