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  • Michael Swan
    commented 2022-05-25 13:02:29 -0600
    I was hoping to have a conversation with you about the state of Lac Ste. Anne. I’m working on a story for The Catholic Register in anticipation of the Pope’s visit in July. A Metis friend told me his community has been asking the province for years to protect that lake. He’s very concerned about deteriorating water quality and agricultural runoff. He also finds it beyond disrespectful that power boats are operating day and night at a sacred site. For the Catholic community, they are going to be wondering whether we have invited Pope Francis, the author of Laudato Si, to visit a dying lake and a desecrated pilgrimage site. Do you share these concerns? Would the Green Party would protect Lac Ste. Anne for either cultural or environmental reasons? Has this present government neglected the lake? My deadline on this story is Friday, May 27.


    Michael Swan

    Associate Editor

    The Catholic Register

    416-934-3410 ext. 406

  • Jeannette Hall
    commented 2022-04-10 11:47:06 -0600
    Hello Mr. Bull,

    I would like to cc you on a huge impactful letter that impacts the Louis Bull.

    Could you please send me your email and share this with the Alberta Greens
  • Web Developer
    published this page in Shadow Cabinet contacts 2022-03-10 04:01:27 -0700