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Catriona Wright

Calgary-South East

Catriona Wright is a local Calgary resident. She has degrees in communications, education and currently works as a volunteer coordinator. She has run her own independent sales business for 14 years and continues its mandate of teaching people how to live toxin free. Catriona feels taking time to listen and understand each other is the key responsibility of elected representatives. She will work to bridge the widening gap between right and left by leading with empathy for all sides. 

Catriona is a steadfast advocate for equality, with a focus in ending both racism and ageism. She will work for the alleviation of poverty, and the move to a sustainable circular economy. She fully supports the Green Party’s willingness to work with other parties. She feels proportional representation is urgently needed to allow all people to have a voice; and supports electoral reform. She will advocate for a robust public education system and public healthcare.


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