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Austin Mullins

Youth Critic

Austin is an intermediate student, climate activist, poet, and two-time federal candidate for the Green Party of Canada. He has previously served as the Alberta Representative of the Young Greens Council of Canada and was recently elected to the Executive Council of the GPA as a Member-at-Large. Austin is also a member of the Global Young Greens Feminism Working Group and has held various positions in multiple EDAs.

Prior to entering politics, Austin studied at Western University with a focus on Political Science and Feminist Research. He has dedicated his political career to ensuring that young and other marginalized voices are represented and engaged in all levels of government and civil service. He has spent much of his time in the Green Party both provincially and federally working to create safer spaces for just these folks.

Austin is guided by and will hold himself, his peers, and his colleagues accountable to the values of intersectional feminism, anti-racism, queerness, social justice, sustainability, climate justice, and participatory democracy. These values are what brought him to the Green Party of Alberta, and he believes his role as Youth Critic gives him a unique opportunity to work side-by-side with the leaders of tomorrow in creating a future in which these values are upheld across Alberta.

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