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Michael Jacobsen


Michael Jacobsen is a retired, self described, senior citizen activist who, up until recently, has avoided seeking office. That all changes in this 2023 election cycle as he hitches his wagon to the Green Party of Alberta. Michael was born and raised in Prince George, B.C. and has three grown sons. As a young man Michael embarked on a career in open cut mining. He has worked at a copper mine on Vancouver Island, a gold and copper mine in Papua New Guinea, and the oil sands region of north eastern Alberta. 

Michael has witnessed first hand the impact large mining operations have on the environment; and he’d like to work at reducing that impact by seeing a focus on recycling rather than exploitation. Michael has very strong feelings about the polarization of politics in Canada and wants to work at seeing more citizen participation and stronger efforts to reach across the political isle. Michael is a science guy and commits to researching the issues of the day through that lens; he views misinformation and political deceit as endemic in today’s society and like any cancer must be eradicated.

Michael believes Alberta must transition quickly from a fossil fuel based economy to green technologies that, together, can fuel a high value economy providing Albertans with good jobs, career opportunities and economic growth.


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